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Top Nano Magic Aroma Ball

Based on analysis report from Ultra Trace Industrial Safety Hygiene (SGS No. UG/2008/60786-02), the key features of Top Nano’s “Aroma” are as follows,

  1. Decrease of bitterness
    22.2% decrease of Tannic not only reduces the bitterness but also improve the taste.
  2. Improvement of Health Condition
    First, 40.8% increase of Theanine improves immunity and prevents arteriosclerosis efficiently. In addition, Catechins increase about 30% that prompt the properties of anti-oxidant, protection of normal cell, and reduction of chronic diseases. 8.6% decrease of Caffeine diminishes the negative influence on stomach and osteoporosis.
  3. Quality of sleeping
    Caffeine may cause insomnolence, but Theanine might stabilize one’s emotion and mood. Thus, 8.6% decrease of Caffeine and 40.8% increases of Theanine could result in better sleep.

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Top Nano Magic Moon Drunker Ball

Based on analysis report from Ultra Trace Industrial Safety Hygiene, SGS (Report No., UG/2007/B0006A-02, key features of Top Nano’s “Moon Drunker” are as follows,

  1. Drastically increasing aroma Ethyl lactate increases by 13.4% that will improve the fruity aroma of the wine. At the same time, 2-methyl-1-propanol is up for 4.49% that will result in sweet-musty, sweet-whiskey like taste.
  2. Less peculiar smell and spicy taste Isoamyl alcohol is down for 12% that could reduce spicy, strange, and unwanted flavor.
  3. Decreasing content of alcohol, less toxicity Toxicity of 1-propanol is well known to cause headache, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Analysis shows “Moon Drunker” will reduce 1-propanol drastically (50.7% decreased). Ethanol is reduced for 2.2%.

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