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  1. Nano Pd:Pd is the excellent catalyst for electroplates and electrolytic activator, such as 0.5% of the nano Pd, can achieve the goal of saving the cost, compare to the traditional Pd, nano pd is in fivefold speed of capturing the hydrogen, powder and paste are available now.
  2. Nano Ru:Ruthenium apply to benzene hydrogen the alkene, will not continue the hydrogen and turn into alkane. Adding 0.1% ruthenium in the titanium, the ability that can make the titanium anticorrosive increases by more than 100 times, can also apply to the intensity of strengthening the platinum and Pd. In the fuel cell, the ruthenium is also important electrode catalyst, powder and paste are available now.
  3. Nano Pt:Platinum is a good catalyst, applied nano Pt to the ethylene hydrogenation reacts, will increase area of reacting by a wide range, react temperature drop to the room temperature by 600 degrees Centigrade for instance, the black electrode in the fuel cell is nano grade platinum, powder and paste are available now.

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