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Nano Fe3O4

Produced by means of wet method, our Nano Grade Magnetic Powder is a hi-tech product of even particle size with narrow range distribution manufactured on an industrial mass production scale.

Conductive magnetic powder is added and surface nano-encapsulate technology is applied to magnetic substances in accordance with different needs. Our product has multiple functions and new purposes unparalleled by general magnetic materials.


  1. High Performance Magnetic Recording Materials:The performance of magnetic tapes and large-capacity disks can be greatly improved by taking advantage of the strengths of Fe3O4, , such as high endurance and toughness, high saturated magnetic strength and high signal/noise ratio and good antioxidation,etc.
  2. Magnetic Fluid:Due to it’s excellence in producing magnetic fluid, Fe3O4 can be widely used in sealing, anti-shock, medical instruments and equipment, volume tuning, light displaying, etc.
  3. Wave-absorbing Materials:Fe3O4 is highly absorbent of magnetic waves and thus can be used in military high- performance micro meter and millimeter stealth materials,visible light-IR stealth materials ,constructive stealth materials and radiation-shielding materials for cell phones.
  4. Paste for Inducing Magnetism:Due to it’s high saturated magnetic strength and high magnetic induce ratio , Fe3O4 can be made into paste for inducing magnetism to be used in adhesive structures of very fine magnetic heads.
  5. Smart Medicines:Since Fe3O4 is magnetic ,the precusor produced by using Fe3O4 as carrier can make medicines concentrate in a local area of the body under the influence of the outer-magnetic field ,and thereby a highly-concentrated medical treatment can be conducted in the affected-area, especially with regularly recurring diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis.


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