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Nano Au

Our Nano Grade Gold comes in two colors—red and blue transparent solutions—in accordance with its production condition and particle size.

Its multiple physiological and biochemical properties facilitate its application in making addictives in cosmetics, poison-resistant canisters, etc. In the 1970s nano gold was found to be able to act as a catalyst for selective hydrogenation, since nano gold particles are highly catalytic.

Gold carried can quickly convert carbon oxide into carbon dioxide, reverse nitrogen oxides and hydrogen additive reaction of different types, such as hygrogen addition of carbon mono-oxides and hydrogen additive reation of 1〿3-butadiene. Besides, gold carried catalyst can be employed in catalyzing water gas reaction at a low temperature, accelerating the disolution of ozone, and synthesizing methanol, etc.


  1. Food Additives:Nano Grade Gold can serve as colorings for cakes,candies,coats of chocolate and alcohol.It can be added into alcohol to make new wine mellow and reduce aldehyde guantity,thus decreasing the human body’s absorption of toxic ethanal and thereby avoiding hangovers.It can also reduce the spiciness in alcohol,making it soft and mellow.
  2. Cosmetics Additives:It’s good electricity conductivity and human body compatibility enables Nano Grade Gold to play an important role of energy transporter.The more compatible an outside substance is with the human cells,the more acceptable it is to the skin.The scientific manufacturing of Nano Grade Gold further purifies gold,which makes it the most suitable outside substance for the human body.Gold was the first substance inserted into the human body,and is the least resistant to the human body,and thus is the best beauty-care material.
  3. Medical Tests:Nano Grade Gold is most commonly seen in pregnancy-testing.Drip onto the testing reagent some drops of urine from a woman who is pregnant for 3 to 4 weeks,a red straight line will appear in the display window-a masterpiece of Nano Grade Gold. Nano Grade Gold is also used in screening hepatitis-B,syphilis,AIDS,and drug addiction,etc.
  4. Anti-toxic Canisters and Catalysts:Nano Grade Gold is a very active catalyst,quickly converting CO into CO2 and reversing nitrogen oxides.It’s potential uses include catalyst transistors in automobiles and motorcycles,CO detectors,industrial paints.It can also convert exhausts such as CO,NO and carbon-hydrogen compound into non-toxic gases (e.g,CO2 and N2).
  5. New Fuel Cells:Fuel cells are produced by converting liquid organisms into CO2 and producing water in it’s reaction with oxygen.Using new gold carried catalyst can reduce the weight and volume of a device and thus reduce the costs of productiom, it can work in the very low concentration of pt catalyst to remove out carbon out carbon monoxides on the surface of pt particles.

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