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Nano ZnO

Our Nano Grade Zinc Oxide is a hi-tech product of even particle size with narrow range distribution manufactured with well-developed techniques on an industrial mass production scale. Special Nano Grade Zinc Oxide Solution is available, which is concocted by the power surface treatment technology and which is highly adhesive to glass and ceramic tiles.

We have also succeeded in producing nano ZnO light catalyst, which can sterilize completely in indoor lighting, and compound materials which with Far IR Ray double functions. All these make its application far-reaching.

In dispersion solution, it can form a system of dispersion that is highly dispersived, uniformed and stabilized (Nano Zinc Oxide does not secondary allgerated), and this helps nano materials serve to improve functions and enables nano Zinc Oxide to perform new functions and new purposes unparalleled in general industry.

Now we develop ZnO(st) limpid paste, the liquid appears transparent and not precipitates, is a kind of ion, its particle size is about 0.1~1 nano, equips arger surface area, disinfect and resist UV result well; and there is wider range of application because of its appears transparent.


2.Reflecting IR
3.Sterilizing and anti-mold
4.Activating particle surface
5.Having better temperature tolerance
7.Bearing grinding
8.Colour brightening


Textile, Filters, Glass, Electrical Cable, Paint, Adhesives, Plastic Products, Rubber Products, Ink,Medical Products, Lubricant, Catalyst, Pottery & Porcelain, Leather Products.


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