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Ag/C Composite Materials

The product combine characteristics of nano silver and the advantages of other nano metal, such as high catalysis activation and special optics nature, combining the carbon material can apply its conductive characteristic and relevant characteristic, able to bear the high temperature, bearing ablating, heat-resisting and chemical stability. It also can be used for the fuel cell electrode, powder and paste are available now.

Pd/C Composite Materials

The Pd is the excellent catalyze of electrolytic and electroplated catalyst, the speed of capturing the hydrogen of 0.5% nano Pd is fivefold compared to the traditional Pd, compound with carbon material could reach the good dispersion and save the cost under filling a conductive situation. Also it can be application for measuring and detecting sensor, powder the paste is available now.

Au/C Composite Materials

Nano Au equips very highly catalysis activation, apply to various kinds of chemical reaction of catalysis, such as to transform CO1 to CO2, carbon makes for carrier object except conductive function and dispersion well, it could also achieve the goal of saving the cost, using for the microelectrode, powder and paste are available now.

Pt/C Composite Materials

Platinum is a metal catalyst, nano Pt could increase react area turning into dark, carbon carrier make its dispersiveness better, generally called the carbon/Pt catalyst, quite save the consumption of platinum, such a catalyst is used as every square of one centimeter of 0.5 milligrams, can make it for the fuel cell electrode, powder and paste are available now.

Ru/C Composite Powder

Ruthenium is a metal catalyst, nano Ru increase area of reacting by a large margin, carbon carrier makes dispersiveness better, the particle of nano Ru is independent electrode, concentrate through carbon carrier and carry the electric current out. The compound powder of nano Ru and C is the electrode of the fuel cell, powder and paste are available now.

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