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Negative-ion Technology

How effective the negative ion works? The subject has been discussed from time to time. If you are interested in the topic, you could easily find a lot of information from various sources such as books, magazines, internet and etc. However, you might discover the difficulty of finding sufficient data that tells the complete story no matter how much information you have collected. With the question in mind, people tend to believe the proper amount of negative ion is helpful to us even though the influence of negative ion on illness, disease, and health issue are still uncertain.

Today, we are not going to discuss whether negative ion works effectively or not. We believe a person would rather stay in the forest and waterfalls than in the city and indoor according to the comparison between environment and density of negative ion shown on the table below.


Negative Ion concentration (ions/cc)

Water fall

5000 ~ 50000


500 ~ 3000


0 ~ 300

Thus, many people tried to create indoor forest-like environment by adopting different technologies such as:

  1. Corona Technology
  2. Emission Technology
  3. Water Fall Technology
Unfortunately, the development of O3 or Electron Magnetic Field leads to the concern of these technologies.

Normally, the amount of negative ion determines its effectiveness that was regulated by the national standard. Besids following the national standard, Top Nano (Top Nano Technology Co., Ltd) creates the negative ion by using natural Tourmaline for the products, Top Nano Negative ion paint and Top Nano Negative ion wallpaper, with the consideration of energy saving and environmental protection. During the developing stage, Top Nano has overcome the barriers such as the size, the color, and dispersion that affect the quality of the products. We successfully applies negative ion into paint and wallpaper that could be easily used by the customers for better and healthier living environment.

Top Nano Negative ion paint vs. Electronic Negative ion machine Table


Top Nano Negative ion paint

Electronic Negative ion machine


The negative ion is released with big area

The quantity of negative ion at the limited area is big

Merit and shortcoming

All the time

Operate with electricity ?

No noise

The electric power revolves noise




NT480/per 36 square feet

NT1000~thousands of NT dollars/Per set

Maintain fee


Cost of electricity 10~70 Degree/Per Year/Per Set


Above 7Years


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