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Killing germs with light on and off

Silver has silver color in its bulk form. Common nano silver dispersions possess yellow, red or blue, due to nano silver’s photonics effect. Nano silver from Top Nano Technology is a crystal clear, colorless dispersion. No sedimentation, size is less than 5nm. Nano silver at this size has big specific surface area. It shows good anti-bacterial as well as anti-virus performance. It is low in color shade.
Furthermore, Top Nano’s proprietary technique make silver and zinc oxide in good harmony. Nano silver will be stabilized with the existence of zinc oxide and thus “double” the performance in anti-bacterial effect. Nano silver, known as its cationic property, is more effective on negatively charged germs and fungi. Nano zinc oxide, on the other hand, is a photo-catalyst and known by its anionic property, is more effective on positively charged germs and fungi. Anti-bacterial agent with nano silver and zinc oxide will show its killing power “with or without the presence of light”. This is a performance which pure nano silver will not reach. This composite is one of the example of Dr. Chang’s expertise of manipulating materials with his great knowledge in chemistry.

Here, we are proud to say that Top Nano’s nano silver/zinc oxide composite is,

“Killing germs with light on and off!"

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