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Technology of catalyst

For people who know about the common sense of catalysts, we will pop up with something like reducing activated energy of a chemical reaction, shortening reaction time and how it accelerate reaction without consuming itself. Due to recent renovation of technology, size of various materials can be pushed to their limit – the minimized limit. Thus, with developing of nano scale materials, their catalytic properties had been well recognized and been utilized.
Importance of nano catalyst is – accelerating both homogeneous and non-homogeneous reaction (due to its miniaturized size), enhancing catalysis, improved reaction selectivity, stabilizing catalyst.
For example, Gold is a very stable, non-active material under normal condition. However, when size is as small as 5nm, it shows excellent catalytic property. Nano gold can be a good catalyst for esterification reaction.
Top Nano Technology, with over thirty years of expertise from Dr. Wen-Lie Chang, will deliver you what you can expect from precious metal catalysts.
  1. kilogram scale of manufacturing in nano gold, nano silver, nano ruthenium, nano platinum, nano palladium.
  2. nano scale precious metal catalysts will stay “firmly” on selected substrates (nano scale graphite, nano scale active carbon, nano metal oxides, etc.). Bonding between metals and substrates are by strong chemical force, not by physical process.
  3. Metals can be in their pure form as well as in their alloy form. Formulation can be custom-designed.
You can imagine how many applications that can be fully utilized by them…


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