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Hot News : A new antibacterial water filter!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009/7/31 19:20:00 (4422 reads)

A new antibacterial water filter!
A nano-scale silver/Zinc oxide active carbon filter that is long lasting, economic , and always gives you clean water.

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Hot News : Our products can significantly suppress H6N1 virus (subtype of avian flu)!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009/7/31 18:50:00 (7132 reads)

Our products can significantly suppress H6N1 virus (subtype of avian flu)!

Can it offer the necessary relief to you in fighting the swine flu (H1N1 virus)?

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Hot News : Top Nano’s break-through in nanotechnology!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009/7/31 18:50:00 (1955 reads)

Top Nano’s break-through in nanotechnology!

After many years of research, Top Nano brings the Antibacterial ceramic tiles that can resist more than 1200℃ kiln-burn temperature. Under an electron microscope, one can see the nanomaterial arrangement in perfect order on the surface of the ceramic tile that protects it and gives it a long-lasting antibacterial effect.
According to certified SGS antibacterial test, the R value is 5.88, 99.999% of bacteria were destroyed.

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Hot News : Thermal technology revolution!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009/7/31 18:00:42 (1759 reads)

Thermal technology revolution!!

Conservatively speaking, the application of nanomaterial in the thermal controlling technology may decrease the usage of A1N up to 50% while maintaining the same or even better thermal conductivity. If you are a consumer of the thermal control paste, we will definitely provide one with great qualities but without costly price. If you are manufacturing the thermal control paste, you also should contact us soon enough before your competitors get ahead of you!

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Hot News : 2009 Tokyo Nano Exhibition
Posted by Anonymous on 2009/2/27 15:00:00 (1869 reads)

Photos of 2009 Tokyo Nano Exhibition...

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