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Hot News : New product available now – Top Nano functional plastics masterbatch!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010/1/11 12:37:52 (6067 reads)

New product available now - Top Nano functional plastics masterbatch

Surface-modified nano composite powder can be evenly dispersed on various macromolecule materials, to make highly concentrative plastics masterbatch, which can be directly added into injection, press and fiber applications, in order to increase the special function of products.

The functionalities:
1. Antiseptic and mold-resisting

2. Wear-resisting

3. Deodorization

4. Gas obstructing

5. Antistatic

6. Flame retarding

7. And the multi-functional masterbatch with above-mentioned functions.

Welcome purchasing! Cooperative develope, production and marketing from manufacturers and distributors are appreciated.

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