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Hot News : Long-lasting anti-viral environment spray
Posted by Anonymous on 2009/8/31 16:00:00 (5242 reads)

Long-lasting anti-viral environment spray

Excellent helper for Inhibiting intestinal virus and H1N1.
Nano Photocatalyst zinc oxide transparent dispersions

  1. Nanometer particles of zinc oxide(size:5.3nm), such as figure 1.

  2. Spraying indoors (under fluorescent) or outdoor (under UV) can fully kill bacteria, such as figure 2.

  3. Unique formula being sprayed on the walls, tables, and sinks, which can offers well attachment.

  4. Our photocatalyst products provide longer efficacy than other antimicrobial agents in general.

Welcome purchasing from individuals, families, and group.
Cooperative production and marketing form manufacturers and distributors is appreciated.

figure 1

figure 2
TDS-Nano ZnO-st aqueous transparent dispersion.pdf

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